Sounds of silence

In my dreams .
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We all thought we would be together forever but somewhere between all the arguments and the laughter, we realised that maybe it isn’t meant to last forever; that we are meant to move on to become the people we all know we can be, to follow the dreams we have set ourselves. It is time that we all remember what we have been through to get to this place, the people we have known, helped and had help ourselves. These are the memories that last a lifetime. So, maybe we won’t be in each others presence forever, but we will be in each others hearts forever and more .

In my dream, I was surrounded by ribbons of serenity. I woke up to darkness. Nobody was there. My skin burst open with crackling heat. I walk outside to cool my skin and see silhouettes of people I’ve never seen. I make spastic movements like a puppet toward them; like they were pulling me. They came closer as well and suddenly, I was pulled beneath the earth. My soul was filled with happiness whole my brain with fear. My heart is sore while I’ve been left broken down, useless to the world.


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